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United Methodist Men at Canaan UMC Denton NC
The Crusades and The Church

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Canaan UMC Out Reach @ Tour de Kale 2003/2004
Photos 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament 2004
Mt. Shepherd Retreat May 16,2004-Canaan & First UMC Denton NC
2003 UMM in Review
2004 Youth Easter Egg Hunt at Canaan UMC - Denton NC
Chicken Stew Supper, 2004
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The Crusades and The Church
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Canaan UMM 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament @ High Rock Lake NC

The First Crusade 1095, movements of the Royal Armies did not start till 1096. In 1095, an unofficial Crusade was lead by a radical monk named Peter the Hermit. He preached the Crusades to the poor peasant fanatics, and collected a small army to pilgrimage to the Holy Lands ahead of the main army. 

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