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United Methodist Men at Canaan UMC Denton NC
Canaan UMC Out Reach @ Tour de Kale 2003/2004

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Canaan UMC Out Reach @ Tour de Kale 2003/2004
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Mt. Shepherd Retreat May 16,2004-Canaan & First UMC Denton NC
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2004 Youth Easter Egg Hunt at Canaan UMC - Denton NC
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Canaan UMM 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament @ High Rock Lake NC
  Canaan UMC has been involed with the Tour de Kale since it  was founded in February 2000, by a group of Kales friends to help raise money to cover Kale Watkins medical expenses after a skiing accident that left him paralyzed in Feb 2000. 
2000  TDK raised   $80,000.00
2001  TDK raised   $65,000.00
2002  Raised Over  $46,966.00 
2003  raised apprx  $50,000.00
2004  raised apprx  $45,000.00
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Tour de Kale 2004 Raised $45,000.00 for  Jessica Cook 2004 Recipient

TDK * June 19, 2004 - 4 Video Clips & 113  photos Photo Album  Sony ImageStation.
TDK run-25 photos  Run Photo Album   -  More Photos & Albums Coming Soon!

TourDeKale 2004 * Linda Dextre Photography * Photo Album of Riders, Folks behind the scene, Rest Stops, kitchen, Summit, ETC  * More than a 100 photos when this album is complete! Click Here

Tour de Kale 2003- raised apprx. $50,000.00 for Raleigh Ward family & Neal Morris - THANKS

Raleigh Ward -August 26,2002 - June 19,2003

More photos of Tour de Kale can be found on History Page of Tour de Kale * Click Here


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