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United Methodist Men at Canaan UMC Denton NC
UMM 2003 in Review at Canaan UMC Denton NC

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2003 UMM in Review
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Canaan UMM 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament @ High Rock Lake NC

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UMM @ Canaan meets 1st Sunday every Month @ 7:30am , with Breakfast prepared by the Men. Come Join Us.
UMM Chairperson @ Canaan UMM denton nc :  Don Esposito   859-4349

The following summarizes our November 2, Breakfast/Meeting.
Our CLean-up captain, Billy Ward, needs HELP! We need to clean the entire basement area prior to this breakfast. The floors, walls, lights, counters and cooking areas need a good cleaning. Let Billy know if you can help on Saturday morning, the 22nd at 8am. We should be able to have everything cleaned and set up for our breakfast on Sunday. A sign up sheet is in the back of the church. Please remind everyone to sign up. We will need 6 Crock Pots or warming trays to keep the food warm. Let Don E. know how many you have. Cooks should arrive by 6:45am. We will plan a short meeting to identify any items that will have to be purchased.
   Church Participation in the Denton Christmas Parade. Danny, Leroy, David, Ruffin will play their instruments in the parade. We need to ask if Kelley and Don will be able to participate. Terry, David Sr. and Max have agreed to be part of the singing group. All church members are welcome to participate and should let Frances know if they are interested. It was suggested that one practice session be scheduled by Frances. Both groups need to be present. If you are aware of a needy family that should be considered for our outreach program please see Susan or Francis. The youth group from First will participate with us. Please pass this information to Lisa.
    Outreach Invitation Cards: Great job Ronnie. Group agreed to secure wallet size cards for us to use when the opportunity present itself. Ronnie will have cards available at our next meeting.
    Telephone Tree: It was agreed that each of us should call one or two members of the church to remind them of any meeting and or other events that need our participation. Billy will follow have the list available at the next meeting. This tool along with email will enhance our ability to stay in touch will all individuals. Thank you Billy.
    We will initiate a spiritual time at the beginning of each meeting. Steward has agreed to initiate this effort starting with the December meeting. Thanks Stewart!
     December Cooking Festival: Greg, Stewart, Leroy and David Sr. and Donnie will cook turkeys, and shoulders for Christmas. They will cook on Tuesday, December 22. Orders will be picked up at the Church. Start taking orders for this big event. More to follow.
    January Chicken Stew: This event is scheduled for Saturday, January, 24 and will be held at our church. We will take orders for quarts. Donnie, Greg, and Leroy will head this up and are looking for lots of help and assistance.
   Thanks for everything that you do for our church and community.
                  Have a great day!   Don Esposito

2003 Mens Ministry Report   Activities and Projects

October 15, 2003
Mens Ministry Report
Summary of Canaan UMC Mens Ministry Activities
The Canaan Men's Ministry, started by many of our current church members fathers in 1952, was resurrected in September of 2002. The time and support and sense of wanting this group were most positive. Our first meeting was a huge success and each meeting since then has been blessed. All men of the church are invited as well as others who want to share in our work and our programs.
The men's ministry meets on the first Sunday of every month to build on our personal and spiritual growth and build rapport with other church members. Our sons are also invited to attend our meeting. We have a family style breakfast and an informal meeting.
A  linke was stablished  with the local newspaper to have them include church activities in their weekly paper to extend the Outreach of our church family.
On Nov. 24, 2002 we sponsored our first church breakfast for all members and their guests. We achieved 100% participation. Photos Click Here
Dec 7: Ministry presented a recommendation for our church to participate in the annual Denton Christmas parade. This was a great outpouring of our congregation. Our float was developed and prepared by the Youth group and all interested church members.
Dec 7: Ministry presented to the church a recommendation to provide a needy family, in the Denton community, with Christmas. The youth and adult members presented gifts, food and a decorated tree. Christmas singing and good cheer was in the air.
Feb. 2003: Ministry prepared and served its second church breakfast for all church members. In excess of fifty members were present for this event. In preparation of the above breakfast the men spruced up the kitchen and eating areas with lots of soap and water but most of all with the greatest positive spiritual feelings.
Feb. 23, 2003. Ministry recommended upgrading the kitchen areas by donation of their time and money to improve the cooking area, wiring and lighting of the downstairs area. Our Womens Ministry was involved to ensure that their future needs were also considered.
A new kitchen cabinet was ordered. The Stewart Grubb family donated it. Stewart and his brother Steve installed the much-needed cabinet. New utensils and grills were purchased to support our appetites and spiritual growth.
New updated electric service for the downstairs area was completed in May. The men's group purchased new fluorescent lights. New circuit breakers, and electrical plugs were also approved, Greg Nelson, one of our church members, and his electric company installed the new fixtures and completed the electrical upgrades.
In May we conducted our spring church grounds clean up. The big brush was removed and the grounds assistants followed up to go the extra mile. Bushes were trimmed, leaves picked and a ton of branches and sticks were removed from the grounds.
May 4th Fishing Tournament at High Rock Lake with our children.Photos Click Here
Full breakfast prepared by the Men for their children and grandchildren. Final fishing plans were discussed after breakfast. Danny provided necessary encouragement, fishing tips, hiding places, and last minute support for our event. Large numbers of boats and eager anglers competed for the biggest fish, and most fish caught during this three-hour outing.
May17th Denton Spring Fling * Photos Click Here
We participated in this event with our Womens group to provide us with a Community Outreach program. We cooked tenderloin and country ham. The ladies had cakes and cookies and other items for sale. We also had souvenir footballs imprinted with our church name as a give away.
In August we cleaned the church grounds in preparation of Homecoming.
In September we sponsored a Pancake Supper. Church members provided the entertainment and the men provided a great evening of fun and fellowship.Photos Click Here
.At our October breakfast meeting we discussed plans for our next Church Breakfast scheduled for November 23. A telephone calling system is being initiated to improve our communications based on a recommendation by Billy Ward.. Plans were discussed for our participation at the Denton Christmas parade. Children from First Church were invited to ride on our youth float. Our church will also sponsor a family and provide them with food and gifts. Ronnie Gallimore presented the group with an Invitation Card to use to extend our community reach program. All church members will have the opportunity to participate.

A donation of $55.00 dollars was given to the Church Memorial fund for the music system.

We always look forward to the next breakfast meeting and the next project that we can get involved with.
Come join us for our next church breakfast on November 23, 2003

Submitted By: Don Esposito     E-Mail:

For those of you who missed our breakfast/meeting, I want to tell you that we had another great breakfast and a very good meeting. As usual, Billy Ward got picked on a little bit. This happens whether or not he is at the meeting or not. His friend Ron from First Church was in attendance as our guest.
Summary of activities and decisions:
We will split the cost of providing Christmas for a needy family in our community. The Women's Society will pick up the other half of this Holiday Season project. If you are aware of any needy family, please let Suzanne or Frances know about the situation.
Our next breakfast/meeting is on for Nov. 2--same time--same place.
We will again sponsor a church breakfast on Sunday 11/23. This marks our first anniversary for providing breakfast for our church family. Friends and family are certainly welcomed. This is the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving and we really look forward to 100% participation. We will plan the menu at our next meeting.
We will participate in the Denton Christmas parade scheduled for the first Saturday in December--12/7/03.
The Youth Ministry picked the theme of "Christmas Around the World." They began planning for their float entry and really want to win the trophy this year. The second float will actually be Ronnie Gallimore's truck for the banjo,guitar, and harmonica players. In addition, anyone interested in singing along with the pickers should let Frances know. Everyone is welcome to participate. We will also have some branded footballs for the on-lookers and lots of candy like last year. Marion Grubb has given us the okay to assemble and decorate our entries at his shop on Bringle Ferry Road. More info on this will be provided. Billy Ward will once again drive the old John Deere and pull the youth float. We invited the youth group at First to join us on the float and take part in the other activities.
Ronnie Gallimore presented the group with an invitation that invites interested individuals to our church. We are exploring the various methods that we can use this invitation for an out-reach program during the parade. Extra copies are in the church--please pick up a copy or two. We also discussed the opportunity for each man to have one or two of these to hand out to someone who might be interested in attending our church. More information will follow.
We also had the opportunity to talk about improvements/changes that we should make to improve on our ministry. Billy Ward is working on a telephone tree. He feels that we should call each member in the church along with sending an e-mail to let everyone know about meetings and other important events. Billy will let us know how the tree works at our next meeting. We will have all of the 2004 Sunday meetings on the first Sunday of every month.
Our first year has been wonderful and very rewarding. I hope that each of you received a special blessing and spiritual uplift for being in attendance and participating in this ministry. I look forward to another banner year and getting to know each of you a little bit more. Your friendship means a lot to all of us, so let's keep doing whatever it is because I can feel the diference and see the fruits of our labors.
Together we can make it happen, and we are!

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